Healthy Weight Calculator

We live in a world where super thin is promoted as being the ideal. The only thing is more than 80% of the world does not fit into that ideal body type. That leaves many people feeling like they are less than perfect, and any take extreme measures to rectify the situation.

If weight loss is your goal, then you should know that it is best to go slowly. A slow continual progress is much preferred to a rapid next day approach. Regardless of your reasoning for weight loss the important thing to remember is that to have a successful outcome, you need to set reasonable goals and expectations. For the greatest probability of long term success, your weight loss goals must be reasonable.

There is an important calculation you should do,to lose weight. Compare the amount of calories you are consuming with the amount that you are burning. If you burn off a greater amount than what you consume, then fat deposits will begin to be utilized.

Websites exist which can facilitate making adjustments to your diet. The FDA provides a site that will assist you in your efforts to loose weight by providing a calculator that will help you to determine the amount of calories needed from each food group. A good way to start is by replacing junk food with fruits and vegetables.

You will need to add additional activity to your routine if you would like to see greater results more quickly. Or more simply put, exercise! This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be doing a thousand crunches or join a gym.

In order for you to achieve your goal of feeling better and looking better, you have to be a lot more active. One thing I can suggest you do is move more and walk around a lot more. This way your body is getting more movement and before you know it, you will start to lose the weight that you want to lose. And you will soon realize that the walking has really worked. Not only will you feel better, but the weight will also begin to melt off.

There are medical conditions that can cause weight loss problems. Before beginning any program go to your physician for a complete physical and discuss your plans. Your doctor may have any healthy suggestions for you.

At the end of the day the most important thing is good health and not what the reflection in the mirror says. Once you feel healthy, you naturally have a nicer appearance and feel more confident.

Health And Safety Executive

In this day and age of compensation claims for even the most minor strains and accidents it pays all employers to comply with Health and Safety regulations to cover themselves as well as their employees. The Health and Safety Executive regulations have, for a number of years now, made it a legal requirement for all employers to assess and reduce the risk to staff in the workplace.

Some employers, pressed for time as well as money, find this a problem. Whole work days are sometimes lost, venues need to be booked and paid for and transport provided. All this comes at the expense of the employer but surely cannot be as costly as the amount of sick days taken in the name of work related health problems.

Figures from the Health and Safety Executive for 2003/04 show that 448,000 British workers were reported to have suffered from work related musculo-skeletal disorders (the umbrella term for Repetitive Strain Injury). This was a staggering increase of 52,000 from the previous year.

Direct and indirect costs to society amounted to a phenomenal 5.7 pounds billion in the year 2004/5. The Health and Safety Executive attributes this to the 450,000 cases of workers absent through back complaints and 375,000 through back and upper limb disorders. Amazingly, they even report seven year old children to be suffering RSI complaints so schools also need to implement the regulations.

Repetitive Strain Injury is a common occurrence in offices where staff spend the majority of their day sat in front of a VDU, or DSE. Display Screen Equipment is a broader term for VDU and covers all the equipment at a desk including keyboard and mouse, which have been the cause of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome when used incorrectly.

DSE Risk Assessment and Training are Health and Safety requirements and are quite simple to practice. There are recommended guidelines for the angle of a VDU, the positioning of a keyboard, mouse, desk and chair. All should be set up for the individual employee to ensure comfortable working positions.

Employers are liable for the cost of sight tests for VDU operators when requested but there is no evidence that, when used properly, a VDU screen would cause any health problems. Only when there is unnecessary glare, bad posture or a wrongly positioned unit does a problem occur. There is certainly no evidence to suggest there is any worsening of eyesight from use of a VDU.

So, employees do not want to be injured at work and employers do not want to spend man hours and hard earned profits on Health and Safety Training. However, there is a solution. It is now possible to train all employers and their staff in all Health and Safety aspects without ever having to leave their badly positioned, overly bright VDU or their wonky chair.

It is now possible to meet all the legal requirements of Health and Safety Training on line. It is called Health and Safety e-learning. Risk assessments are set out for employers and employees can set their own agenda for DSE training thus reducing impact on work schedules. Training can be completed over time at a pace that suits the individual and training certificates can be printed out at the conclusion.

This solution is cost effective, requiring minimal resources and a Learning Development Advisor is assigned to the company involved to keep track of the training. It is also recommended that results be saved to a database to establish an audit trail and prove your company’s compliance with Health and Safety Regulations.