Health And Safety At Work Act

Health and safety consultant UK, Health and safety consultants, UK, health and safety London health and safety training, manual handling training, health and safety advice. You might have come across these words and wondered what do they mean and why they are so important all of a sudden. During the last few years, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of employers as well as employees. The UK government has adopted various measures to protect the interest of the employees as well as employers. Health and safety at work is of prhyme importance in UK nowadays as the government emphasizes on ensuring the health and safety of the employees at workplace.

Health and safety consultants, as they are popularly known, play an extremely important role in helping the employers take care of the health and safety of their employees at work. Health and safety consultant help the employers by doing various risk assessments, training programs, health and safety audits, surveys, inspections etc. Health and safety consultants, with their proven expertise and in-depth knowledge in the field are indispensable for any organization that wants to make certain the health and safety of its employees.

If you are an employer, it is mandatory for you to undertake various measures for the health and safety of your employees. In the UK, the employers have to adhere to the guidelines put down by the government in The Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974. Employers are required to conduct special induction programs for their new employees and educate them about the health safety. A general risk assessment, fire risk assessment and hazardous substances risk assessment are any of the mandatory things to be done by the employers. Health and safety consultant in UK conduct various health and safety training programs like, manual handling training, fire marshal training, disability health and safety training etc. Your health and safety consultant would guide you on various regulations and guidelines laid down by the government for the employers as well as employees. Employee Stress risk assessment also forms a part of the services provided by health and safety consultants in UK.

Your health and safety consultant would help you fulfill all your legal obligations towards health and safety of your employees. You can even obtain documentary evidence for the same. Health and safety consultants provide you with all the necessary precautions and remedial measures for your office, warehouse, factory, store, hotel, educational premises etc. You can hire a health and safety consultant to train your employees on office and health and safety, fire healthy and safety, manual handling training, food hygiene health and safety etc.

A general survey by the health and safety consultant will help you determine the threats and hazards at your office, warehouse, store or hotel etc. The health and safety consultant would then suggest various preventive measures and remedies to deal with those potential hazards and threats. Regular audits by the health and safety consultants would help you maintain the best health and safety standards at your workplace. Finding a health and safety consultant in UK, London, etc is not a difficult task. Just look up in the business directories or search for, health and safety consultant UK, health and safety consultants UK, health and safety consultant, London, health and safety training, health and safety advice, manual handling training, etc. in any search engine.

Health Food Stores

We want to put the best food into our bodies and we want the same for our dogs, this can be hard to manage sometimes though, dog health food is an important part of giving our dogs the very best. We know more about the preservatives that go into our own food, but what about all the additives that are put into dog food? It’s up to us to know what we are giving them.

What is animal meal exactly? Meal is made by processing meat or fish. Cooking it, blending it into a puree and baking it. This sounds like it’s not going to affect the content of the meat. However it’s one of those cases where they can get away with putting preservatives and other things into the meal, but then it doesn’t appear on the ingredients list because it was’t added as part of the final processing of the food.

Fish meal is the worst offender as far as toxic preservatives go. The meal is made on the fishing boat while they are at sea and the law says that it has to be preserved with a chemical called ethoxyquin. This is due to the fact that unpreserved fish meal can become extremely explosive. On the surface it seems ok, but ethoxyquin is unfit for human consumption because it’s so toxic.

In dogs it has caused problems from skin problems to cancer. Because this preservative is added before the fish meal arrives at the manufacturing plant, it doesn’t need to be listed on the list of ingredients. Without a statement saying that there is no ethoxyquin, it’s almost certainly in the fish meal.

Other types of animal meal are not always going to be as bad but you will not know just by reading the label. A good guide is to avoid ‘animal’ meal – would you buy animal meat for dinner? Using the term animal is an easy way to disguise the true origins of the meat. You want to look for specific animal meat like beef and chicken. listed on the ingredients to be sure.

There is still some discussion about whether meal or plain meat is a better option. This is because even though meal is processed and may contain some chemical nasties, it is more concentrated because it’s been dried and so has more protein per gram than meat which has a higher water content.

Another tactic that is often used, is to list some sort of meat protein as the first ingredient and the next few being cereals so that it looks like there’s plenty of protein when in reality, there’s a whole lot of filler and not much meat.

By using too many grains to bulk out the food, your dog is just getting empty carbohydrates. While some grains are part of an ideal diet it’s in a quite small proportion to the amount of protein. This can contribute to dogs suffering from allergies and them not really being satisfied by their food. It’s like thinking that cake is going to satisfy your nutritional needs. Unfortunately our pooches cannot tell us if they like it or not.

Dog health food can get around all of these problems, by making it yourself you can make sure that only the best goes into your dogs dinner. It’s simple and will often save you money. Best of all though, you’ll be adding years of life to your dog, giving them more energy and doing the best thing for your best friend.