Health And Safety At Work Act

Intellect Business Services believe a safe workplace is one of the ideal assets a business can have. We help all sizes of business and provide a professional service, we don’t just sell you a folder and a phone number to call when you need help. We put the customer first in everything that we do whether its a training package or Health and Safety consultancy.
Health and Safety Consultancy
We help all sizes of businesses and we can assist you with your policies and procedures, audits, risk assessments and much more.We also provide a mentoring service to give you peace of mind that you will be kept up to date with changes in legislation and have someone to call if you require assistance.Based in Bromsgrove near Birmingham, we work with customers throughout the UKWe work hard at all aspects of our business so that you’ll always receive the highest quality of service.
Health and Safety Audits
We offer an independent auditing service to establish how well clients are meeting legal requirements, accredited quality management systems such as ISO 9000 and in-house company procedures.The audit reports clearly set out any additional control measures needed to comply with legislation and recognised industry standards.An advantage of regular auditing is to highlight problems with respect to health and safety, so that clients can act to prevent injuries or ill health to employees and customers.
Health and Safety Risk Assessments
Risk assessments are an important step in protecting your workers and your business, as well as complying with the law. They help you focus on the risks that have the potential to cause harm. In many instances, straightforward measures can control risks. For most, that means simple, inexpensive and effective measures to ensure your most valuable asset , your workforce, is protected.The law does not expect you to eliminate all risk, but you’re required to protect people as far as ‘reasonably practicable’.
Health and Safety Policy Writing
Writing a Health and Safety policy is more than just a legal requirement. It demonstrates a company’s commitment to achieving good Health and Safety standards. It should also clearly set out what is required by the employer and employee of a company and show that you strive to reduce accidents and ill health in the workplace. A Health and Safety policy is important because it is your basic action plan on Health and Safety, it also shows the way in which you will manage Health and Safety. All your employees should read, comprehend and follow the policy.
First Aid Training
These courses cover the practical skills needed by a first aider in the workplace. These courses will give you the knowledge to deal with first aid emergencies.

Fire Safety Training
The course aims to give delegates an understanding in basic fire safety, so that they can take an active role in monitoring fire safety in the workplace.
Manual Handling Training
This course is designed to complement Level 2 Health and Safety at Work. It is aimed at those people whoever carry out manual handling activities at work and introduces students to the hazards of manual handling, the risks, the controls and what to expect from a manual handling assessment.
People Moving and Handling Training
Moving and Handling People deals specifically with the handling of people and is relevant to healthcare workers and care providers. It follows a minimal handling/lifting policy and risk assessment.
Hazardous Substance Training
This course is designed to complement the Level 2 course in Health and Safety at Work. Successful completion will prepare students to look carefully at their own work activities and contribute to the safer use of dangerous substances in cooperation with their managers and supervisors.
Risk Assessment Training
The course is suitable for anyone with responsibility to conduct risk assessments. It is particularly useful for managers and supervisors. Candidates should have a general knowledge of general health and safety matters prior to taking this course.
Food Hygiene
The course is aimed at all individuals whoever handle food and drink as part of their each day or occasional working practices. This would include proprietors, managers and supervisors.