Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Most people are living in busy, hectic times. Healthy meals are sometimes hard to come by because preparation time takes too long. So several people are resorting to fast food and fast meals out to save time. The problem with fast food and quick restaurant meals is that they may not be prepared in a healthy way. Hidden calories tend to plague any of these dishes negating the purpose of your quick healthy meal. Luckily, quick breakfasts do not have to be hard to come by. With just a little preparation, you can eat healthy and quickly. Use these ideas for yourself and the whole family. These four breakfast ideas are simple to prepare and can be taken on the go.

1. Smoothies
Smoothies offer a quick, simple way to get in all of three macronutrients in one simple to make, simple to carry container. Use protein in the form of protein powder, milk and greek yogurt in your smoothie. Add carbohydrates from fruits, fruit juice, flavoring agents (extracts, maple syrup, cocoa powder, nut butters), oatmeal to flavor and give you eht energy you need. Fats can be added in the form of nuts, peanut butter or other nut butters to help you feel full and add extra flavor to your smoothie. Blend to your liking with our without ice, pour into thermoses or to go cups and take with you on the road.

2. Nut Butter and Fruit Sandwiches
Peanut butter and banana sandwich, almond butter and apple sandwich, cashew butter and pear wrap are all great ways to get in any protein, carbohydrates and fat. Sprinkle a little bit of vanilla protein powder on the sandwich or wrap to provide a little bit more protein to your meal. Add a little bit of flavor by spreading a low fat plain or flavored cream cheese on your bread or wrap. Get creative with your fruits. You can use apples, bananas, peaches and even berries. You can also switch up your bread source with whole wheat bread, sprouted bread, English muffin, bagel, toasted waffles or wraps for your to go sandwich. Wrap in foil and unwrap as you eat to control crumbs and keep the mess to a minimum.

3. Trail Mixes
Trail mixes are such an simple way to make a meal that needs to travel with you. All you have to do is pour any ingredients into a bowl or small plastic bag and go! You’ll want to use a good mix of nuts, cereals and oats, seeds, dried berries and dried fruits to make a satisfying, balanced mix. You can also make a big batch that can be eaten from all week. A great idea is to make a large batch of mix and divide it out into calorie portioned plastic bags so that all you have to do is grab and go.

4. No Bake Bars
I love no bake bars! Like trail mixes, these are great ways to add nuts, seeds, oats and fruit all in one meal. With no bake bars, you can get a little more creative adding things such as nut butter, agave, or honey mixed with cereals, oats, fresh fruit, cracker bits and mini dark chocolate chips. Just like trail mix, you can portion out your bars to make certain you’re getting a certain amount of calories in each bar. Mix up your bar recipe, portion out and place on wax paper. Wrap your bars in foil and freeze.

The benefit to making these simple to go breakfasts is that not only do you have control over the quantity and calories but you also have control over the taste and the quality of ingredients. These simple meals only take a few minutes to make so prep time is minimal. Knowing what you’re eating is key to a healthy diet and weight loss.