Matmatch: A Common Ground for the World’s Supply of Materials

Matmatch: A Common Ground for the World’s Supply of Materials

If you’re working on an interesting engineering or construction project, you’ll know how vital material choice is to its ultimate success. Project specifications can be precise or even rigid, so what exactly do you need to make it work? Wear-resistant materials for large-scale industrial applications? Environmentally sound materials for green roofs? Safe, non-toxic coating alternatives? Whatever design projects you’ve got on your plate, you’ll have to stay on top international scientific developments to make sure your project benefits from the best materials out there at any given time. Or, you could visit and let the team of experts take the task of material selection off your hands.

You’ll be thrilled to learn about this brand new online platform that eliminates the stress of sourcing materials entirely. compares all manner of engineering, construction and product materials from all over the world. It uses search criteria to pinpoint the ones that match your criteria. You supply the specifications and Matmatch works its magic. In a matter of seconds, you’ll have a list of materials that comply with your project’s specific needs. You can:

-Choose materials with specific properties, such as electrical resistivity or coercive force

-Find materials based on your application, such as fuselage, satellite components or heat exchangers

-Filter by category, such as metal, polymer or ceramic

-Make contact with trusted local, national or international suppliers

The team that backs Matmatch stays up to date with industry developments in material science. And although you might expect to pay for such a revolutionary service, it’s completely free for anyone looking to find materials. Suppliers are vetted before being listed on Matmatch, which means you can be sure of quality products and reliable service. Finally, Matmatch charges nothing for making contact with suppliers.

This enormous online database of materials means you don’t have to trawl through articles, get second and third opinions or make countless enquiries that go unanswered. The site is fast, user-friendly and incredibly intuitive. Use Matmatch to create products and build components just as you’ve conceptualized them, with materials that meet your needs.

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