What Makes Odoo the Best?

What Makes Odoo the Best?

If you are an ecommerce business owner, you sure must have gone through the process of installing a business software and figuring out that it is inefficient for your business. Well, driving a business expedition isn’t a child’s play. Every business owner struggles to find a business system that can help them to expand business operations. And to free yourself from this software entrapment, often referred to as “software hairball”; you need a software that can be integrated with your customer management and ERP systems.

Odoo – a suite of open source business apps can help you to run operations, promote sales growth, boost productivity and empower human resources. Formerly known as OpenERP, it is an easy to use software that entails an integrated set of apps to help you manage your frontend and backend seamlessly. So what are the peculiars that make Odoo the best? Let’s take a look:

Create Exemplary Websites

So, you want to build a website for your enterprise. But you do not have the technical knowledge to do that. Such nitty-gritties be put on the back burner when you have Odoo CMS at your rescue. But before that, you need to figure out why do you want a website and how fast do you want it to be up and running.

Once you have worked that out, you can use Odoo’s WYSIWIG editor as well as drag and drop features to create your website in few minutes. After crafting the website, you can take your sales productivity to the next level using CRM, point of sales, surveys, multiple stores, quote builder, lead automation and much more.

Develop Email Marketing Strategies

It becomes crucial to have a marketing campaign when you want to send specific messages to your customers.

There are several activities in a campaign that can be triggered from a particular situation. For example, you receive a response from one of your contacts whom you’ve sent an email. Odoo ERP’s readymade templates help you to send an automated reply to this contact.

You can also pursue other email marketing activities you can pursue using Odoo. Here’s what all you can do:

Design the entire workflow of your marketing campaign
Find custom actions for sending email templates, printing reports etc

Define the input segments which help you to select items that are a part of your campaign

Fine tune your campaign, run it in simulation mode and test it in real-time

Run campaigns in manual mode and provide manual validation for every action

Need to make changes while your campaign is running? You can easily do that by making changes in the workflow, parameters and input segments. Once you launch the campaign, sit back and keep an eye on statistics as everything happens automatically.

Manage Content Production

If you are under the impression that managing content gets cumbersome on an open source blogging platform, you might be wrong. Odoo helps you to take care of the entire content production cycle; right from writing a blog to publishing it and getting it referenced on the search engines.

All you need to do is just sit, get writing and share your stories to the world. Make the most out of its ‘Building Blocks’ that help you to craft mobile responsive blog posts. You can also find Odoo themes that help you translate your content with few clicks, add videos, quotes, images, banners call-to-actions etc. and reach your targeted audience easily.

Enhance Business Productivity

An ideal business app is the one that provides ample amount of insights to your business analytics. With Odoo, you can examine business statistics & data, create to-do lists, organize group discussions and communicate efficiently with all your employees.

Using the ‘heat map’ feature, you can track the progress of reports, projects and invoices and other business activities. Odoo also helps you to integrate any external software with Odoo apps in a seamless way. So if you think that merging an external software with your Odoo apps can enhance your business productivity; feel free to do that.

Get Regular Updates

Odoo’s widespread developers’ community ensures that technological upgrades happen at regular intervals. These upgraded Odoo versions make a huge difference to your business as they can adapt to the latest paradigms.

Implementing latest Odoo versions enable you to implement customization and new module development. So make sure you keep updating your software from time to time. The new version – Odoo 11 is already rolled out for those who want to upgrade!


If you use open source applications and have some money to invest in a business software, Odoo is always a good idea. In case you are skeptical about your skills of handling the server management for your Odoo software, choose to go for a hosted solution.

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