Summer Health Tips

Summer can be a real health challenge. Our ambitious travel plans leave us vulnerable to new influences from the new environments we so eagerly embrace. Here are some practical tips on how to stay balanced, energetic and well.


You needn’t cross the desert to suffer from dehydration. Many of us suffer chronic dehydration simply because we don’t drink as much water as we should. Our bodies are 65-80% of water, depending on our age. To keep them in balance, it’s no surprise – we need lots of water! And many people just don’t drink enough of it. Sodas, juices, coffee and teas do not answer the same need, with the result that the flow in our body systems is disturbed. Our arteries become polluted and our organ function is compromised. People with cardiac disease, and kidney and gallbladder stones often don’t drink 6-8 glasses of water a day and are chronically dehydrated.

Drinking only sodas, coffee, alcohol and the like also depletes our minerals and vitamins, harming us even more. To counteract this depletion we need a quality multivitamin. How to know what constitutes good quality? Put your multivitamin in a glass of water. If it has not dissolved in 1/2 hour it will probably not be absorbed in your body, but will simply be eliminated. Be sure, too, that it is as natural as possible. For example, Vitamin E named tocopheryl is obtained naturally. If this is not stated on the bottle, it is probably an artificially derived version that is inferior.

Stress and Depression

Stressed out? Use Vitamin C daily. If you want to detoxify as well, take at least 2000 mg. per day. Depressed? Send me an email. I am working on two articles full of practical suggestions that will make a difference.
Get a good massage: Your friend doesn’t have to be an expert to rub some Oil of Oregano into your muscles with love and goodwill. You will feel your muscles relaxing as oxygen penetrates deep into the tissue. Don’t forget your shoulders and neck, the places we most often tend to tense up. Where to obtain Oil of Oregano?
Eat fruits and vegetables in abundance and avoid sugars. Did you know that every bacteria and virus loves to grow on sugar? Avoid polyunsaturated fats, use unheated cold-pressed olive oil as much as possible, and use flaxseed to get your omega 3.
Summer flu

Stomach flu (or gastroenteritis) is often caused by a virus or food poisoning. Avoid solids for the first day. Drink water, broth (?Pieternel?) and some apple juice to maintain your electrolyte levels. A tablespoon of acidophilus every hour can be beneficial. When you can tolerate solids, start with grated apple and cinnamon, mashed bananas and rice water (water and rice has been cooked). Aloe Vera juice is also a good option, or kefir in its natural form. If this goes well, expand your variety of foods slowly.

Aloe Vera is excellent for sunburn, whether in juice form or straight from the plant. See www. pieternel. com
It’s best to avoid extended exposure to sunshine as much as possible. It can dry out the mucus in your nose, eyes and ears. To cleanse and make these parts succulent again, use a solution of salt water. Warm up one cup of water with a pinch of salt – about as salty as your tears. Let it cool, then put it into a dropper bottle. Use it to clean out your nose, eyes and ears, where it can accelerate the hygienic discharge of mucus.

Swimmer’s Ear (and Earaches generally)

Is anything more relaxing than getting away from it all with a good swim? For some though, this means “swimmer’s ear” and earaches. But these need not discourage you. For problems with swimmer’s ear use Earacheaway. The name says it all. This is a remedy with a base of olive leave extract and vinegar that will relieve your infected ears. For more information see

Be sure to enjoy your life and radiate love, so love finds its way back to you.

Warmly, Pieternel van Giersbergen

Healthy Tips On Weight Loss

Many people incorrectly assume that using vitamins and nutritional supplements is an easy deal — that you can use these products without giving their use much thought. In point of fact, when it comes to incorporating vitamins and nutritional supplements into your overall weight loss program, you have to give their use serious thought. You must make proper decisions as to how these products will fit into your overall health weight loss regimen and into your ultimate health weight maintenance program down the road.

The first step in developing a health weight loss program that incorporates vitamins and other nutritional supplements is a meeting with your doctor. Although many people fail to consult with a doctor before beginning a diet program, such a failure can have significantly negative consequences over the long run.

In addition to consulting with your doctor prior to embarking on a diet program, you might need to consult with a qualified, certified nutritionist. A nutritionist can aid you in determining what types of vitamins and what sorts of nutritional supplements can best aid you in crafting an overall effective and healthy weight loss program.

Through the assistance of a nutritionist, you not only will be able to determine what products will best aid you in your diet regimen but you will be able to ascertain how to use these products to make sure they provide the greatest benefit to you.

In regard to incorporating vitamins and nutritional supplements into a health weight loss program, you need to set realistic in regard to your weight loss plans. Too often people starting a diet have unrealistic goals and expectations. When they fail to meet what really are outlandish and impossible goals, these people give up on their weight loss plans and programs — abandon a course for healthy living. Through realistic goal setting a person has a far better chance of working through an effective weight loss program on into the future.

Finally, in developing a system of incorporating vitamins and nutritional supplements into an overall diet program for healthy living, you will also need to construct a companion exercise and workout program to compliment your overall dieting scheme and regimen.

By taking the steps outlined in this article, you will be in the best position to develop a weight loss program for healthy living and for a healthy life that incorporates the usage of reliable vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements.

Health Tips For Fall

Texas health insurance is on a collision course with regulation when it comes to rate increases. Starting in September, rate hikes of 10 percent or more will be under greater scrutiny. The Obama administration just finalized rules that could help keep health coverage rates low.

Large employers’ health insurance options will not be affected by the new rules yet, but officials plan to seek input on whether to expand the rules to what are known as “association health plans.” That refers to policies that are pooled together in large groups.

Rate hikes on Texas health insurance plans may be reviewed by the state or the federal government. Although insurers will be named upon to explain the need to raise premiums, the federal government doesn’t actually have the authority to block increases. Many state regulators, however, already have that power. Some that don’t are pushing to get it.

Will Health Insurance For Texas Really Change?

For the state of Texas, health insurance companies may see a big difference. Before this fall, the Texas Department of Insurance wasn’t requiring insurers to justify rate hikes unless there was a 50-percent increase from one yr to the next. In fact, the old law did not even mandate that the department review rates or compare them to any standard.

The days of rate hikes appearing in your mail box with little or no overview may be gone. The new scenario prompts insurance companies to outline their spending for administrative costs and medical services, and takes a look at their profit margins.

Texas health insurance companies are likely to recognize a major shift. According to the secretary of Health and Human Services, “Recently, insurers have posted any of their highest profits in years…and they continue to raise rates, often without any explanation or justification.” Kathleen Sebelius says, “The framework of the Affordable Care Act is beginning to change this.”

Should Texas Health Insurance Quotes Be Lower?

While premiums have continued to rise, sometimes by 30, 40, 50 or almost 60 percent, any insurers have been spending less on medical care. Without the means to meet co-pays or deductibles, policyholders have cut back on health care during the ongoing recession. That’s unlikely to reverse until unemployment is resolved.

Now that health insurance plans in Texas purchased after the passage of health care reform provide preventive care at no cost to the policyholder, long-term costs are further expected to be curbed. Of course, insurers will initially spend more on preventive services like annual exams, but that’s a tiny fraction of the cost to treat illness that has progressed unimpeded.

Cash-strapped consumers now have access to see their doctor yearly. It is cheaper for the policyholder and the insurer to spend minimal amounts to treat disease early on than to spend exorbitant amounts that may or may not save lives once a disease like cancer has progressed.

Are Insurance Companies In Favor Of Health Care Reform?

Despite the opposition of insurers to regulation, they sometimes argue for reform whether they realize it or not. For example, the head of America’s Health Insurance Plans says, “Premium review must adequately factor in all of the components that determine premium rates, including geographic variation, the cost of new benefit mandates, and the impact of younger and healthier people dropping coverage.”

By requiring most U.S. citizens to carry minimal levels of health insurance, health care reform prevents young, healthy individuals from opting out. That’s the basis for universal coverage in most of the developed world. Share the cost so that the impact of caring for the sickest among us is spread across the total population.

As to any variation in geographic medical costs, states will develop their own thresholds to take into account regional conditions in the coming years. The 10-percent increase standard is just a starting point.

Some consumer groups have taken issue with that as well. They have written the secretary of Health and Human Services calling for additional measures that would review premium hikes that are not justified by medical treatment inflation.

Health Tips Of The Day

Health Spa Breaks So, are A Unique Mothers Day Gift I am personally a great fan of health spa breaks as they give me a chance to wind down after a stressful period. My husband has never been on one so I suggested last year for mothers day 2006 that he might often try a health spa break with his mother. In the I went with his mother. We had a fantastic time. My mother in law said it was the best mothers day gift she had every had.

I cannot tell you how pleasant a health spa break is. If you have never gone on one, you definitely have to go. There is just no comparison. There is nothing else that I know of that is so relaxing,so comfortable, and so completely free. You sit there and soak in hot tubs all weekend,occasionally taking breaks to eat meals or get back rubs. What could be better?

Not all health spa breaks are the same, so you have to carefully plan. It really depends on whatyou want. The ideal health spa resort for a mothers day gift is the one that takes care of them completely. Some of the most expensive and highly rated health spa breaks take place at Hotel health clinics.

Basically, these places are scientifically designed to take care of your body. You receive back rubs, nutritional consultations, facial peels, and all of the hot water that you can handle. The meals are healthy and delicious. The staff is attentive to your every need.

Then again, any people often take their health spa breaks at a more rustic, scenic destinations. That has always been my preference. I often take my health spa breaks somewhere where there is scenery to look at. I often go to natural springs. Some of the mineral springs are amazing. They actually offer the best of both worlds. You are able to soak in a completely natural bathing pool, then get out and get a massage from a trained professional.

So if your mother enjoys the great outdoors this would make a unique mothers day gift. It would be like a dream come true to her. Linking her love of the outdoors with the pampering and attention she would receive at a health spa break, making it a very memorable mothers day gift.

If you have never gone on health spa breaksbefore, I suggest finding a place close to you. Even a luxury resort hotel not specially designed as a health spa can be a good introduction. The whole point is to find something that helps you unwind and relax. Everyone has a different idea of what the ideal relaxing weekend vacation is. I am sure you could find a suitable health spa break for your mothers day gift.

Healthy Tips For Christmas

Healthy Gift For Christmas- Herbs For Stress To Keep You Relaxed And Fit
There are many Christmas gift ideas but how about bestowing a healthy life upon someone. The modern lifestyle has made us all ill; there have been increasing cases of diabetes, high blood pressure mostly all year as per a statistics report. The main reason for this is our lifestyle where there is no time for exercise and certain factors like eating junk food, and more pressure at work place have just contributed in making us prone to many diseases. All these factors have made people more and more stress full as a result; Some herbs for stress have been mentioned which are a better choice than allopathic medicines. These herbs for stress can be taken under the supervision of a doctor. they spend more on getting the medication for the same, ignoring the side effect of such medicines.Some herbs for stress have been mentioned which are a better choice than allopathic medicines. These herbs for stress can be taken under the supervision of a doctor.Some herbs for stress have been mentioned which are a better choice than allopathic medicines. These herbs for stress can be taken under the supervision of a doctor.
However, there is always a better way to a problem and thus the better way for removing stress is to try herbs for stress.
Herbs for stress as a gift for Christmas
There cannot be a better gift for Christmas than gifting someone the path to a healthy life. Here are some herbs and their associated benefits.
Passion flower
This flower works like a mild sleeping pill and helps those who have trouble getting sleep. One of the most used herbs for stress; it will relieve you from all types of sleep related problems. This herb was used in ancient days as a medicine especially for those who had problems in getting sleep

Licorice Root
This herb is very good in maintaining the blood pressure and blood sugar level. It provides you the energy that is required to carry out all types of mental work, improves the thinking and decision-making capacity of a person. One must make sure not to increase the dose of this herb and always consult a physician for the same.
One of the best herbs for stress, lavender removes all signs of anxiety and irritation. It is also improves the immune system and makes one strong to fight against all types of bacteria and infection. The soothing fragrance of this herb is just amazing.
These were some herbs for stress, which one can present as a Christmas gift.Some herbs for stress have been mentioned which are a better choice than allopathic medicines. These herbs for stress can be taken under the supervision of a doctor.

Health Tips For An Health Officer Which provides free money saving loan quotes on all of your loan needs to include home equity loan information. Long term care insurance is issued and sold on both a group basis and for individuals in the state of New York. All policies are renewable by law when the policy holder pays the premiums and regardless of poor health.

Many websites and advocates of insurance (to include myself) recommend having a minimum of $100,000 for bodily injury protection per person and at least $300,000 for property damage costs and physical injury costs. Long term care insurance is issued and sold on both a group basis and for individuals in the state of New York. If you are arrested for a driving under the influence offense in the state of Mississippi, it will commence two separate cases against you. Custodial parents whoever are on programs such as TANF or any other state or federal assistance will be referred to a child support office for services.

If you refused chemical testing, the penalties are a 90 day license suspension for a first offense, one year license suspension for a second offense, and one year license suspension for a third offense. Making repairs to a home includes fixing anything thats not in 100% working order.

25/50/10Florida 10/20/10Georgia 25/50/25Hawaii 20/40/10 Idaho 25/50/15Illinois 20/40/15Indiana 25/50/10Iowa 20/40/15 Kansas 25/50/10Kentucky 25/50/10Louisiana 10/20/10Maine 50/100/25 Maryland 20/40/15Massachusetts 20/40/5 Michigan 20/40/10Minnesota 30/60/10 Mississippi 10/20/05Missouri 25/50/10Montana 25/50/10Nebraska 25/50/25 Nevada 15/30/10New Hampshire 25/50/25 New Jersey 15/30/5New Mexico 25/50/10 New York 25/50/10North Carolina 30/60/25 North Dakota 25/50/25Ohio 12.5/25/7.5 Oklahoma 10/20/10Oregon 25/50/10Pennsylvania 15/30/5Rhode Island 25/50/25 South Carolina 15/30/10 South Dakota 25/50/25 Tennessee 25/50/10 Texas 20/40/15 Utah 25/50/15Vermont 25/50/10Virginia 25/50/20Washington 25/50/10 West Virginia 20/40/10 Wisconsin 25/50/10Wyoming 25/50/20. If you refused to take a breath test, you will be charged and an adult DUI. You must also remain cognizant of inflation and rises in property value. The first two numbers are for bodily injury liability and the third number represents the minimum amount of property damage liability.

If you refused chemical testing or had a blood alcohol level of 0.08% or more, your drivers license will be confiscated from you by the arresting officer. You may need to consider the benefits of having more than enough coverage as opposed to just enough seeing as how it is almost impossible to predict the future and in these changing times what may have never happened in your neighborhood before could be the phenomenon that happens tomorrow. The penalties for a DUI conviction in Mississippi depend on the age of the offender, the number of prior offense, and any aggravating factors involved in a case. This percentages is also calculated by the number of children, and the needs of the children.

To get free quotes and learn more about insurance please visit the following recommended sites. If a child is born out of wedlock, the custodial parents must first establish paternity in order for the courts to establish a child support order. Safety devices go beyond alarm systems, though installing an alarm system is a good start. Theses methods include income withholding, tax offset interception, unemployment compensation interception, contempt actions, etc.

If you have a prior conviction that occurred within five years of your most recent conviction, you will be charged and punished as a second-time offender. Home owners should check the sturdiness of their doors, locks, and windows, and replace weak links. Having a hearing can help you in your criminal case because your Mississippi DUI attorney can cross-examine the arresting officer to determine the facts of your case.

There is no jury present at this hearing; it is simply a review of your case to determine if the DMV agrees with the state to suspend your license or if your license will be returned to you. Having a hearing can help you in your criminal case because your Mississippi DUI attorney can cross-examine the arresting officer to determine the facts of your case.

Health Tips For Kids

Whether you already know it or not California has a lot of options for health insurance. There are companies that we all heard of and there are some companies that we never heard of. With all the Health Insurance Companies out there you might be wondering what the differences are and which one is right for you.

First in state of California the health insurance companies you should be looking at are; Aetna, Assurant, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, HealthNet, Kaiser, Nationwide, PacifiCare, Celtic and new company that is going to be available in state of California is Golden Rule. These are the largest carriers that are available in the State of California. If you are looking at any other company that was not mentioned previously, use caution. With all the health insurance premiums going up there are companies that prey on people with low premiums and coverage that does not cover anything. They are just out there to make a quick buck buy collection as much premiums as they can before you cancel your coverage. Stay away from companies that you never heard of, not matter what they tell you. If you hear something like, affordable health insurance for self-employed”, run.

Second what you have to understand that the actual cost of insurance no matter what company you go with is about the same. So how do insurance companies have so many different plans with different premiums? If it is a large insurance company and the company ran efficiently that is how you get great premium with great coverage. What creates variety of prices for coverage is the creative aspect of the insurance company designing their plans. The way they do it is by deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, drug coverage deductibles, whether the plan covers brand name drugs or generic drugs only, maternity coverage, maximum out of pocket, deductible and co-pays for all kind of different services.

The name we all know is Blue Cross Blue Shield. Blue Cross has been around since the recession of 1929, and it used to cost only 1 cent a day. The times have changes since then, but the Blue Cross name is still around. Blue Cross has been over the years the most stable largest health insurance provider in the United States. Their strategy is to keep rates stable and have stable rate increases. While most other plans might lower their rates to get more people on their coverage and then keep increasing their rates. There fore as some plans might be more attractive in premiums at the moment over time eventually they have to catch up with the actual market health insurance rates. Sometime the company has to charge people more for health insurance in the future so they can give more affordable rates today. Blue Cross will give the one of the largest varieties of plans to choose from and you can always downgrade a plan without going through underwriting is the monthly premiums because to expensive.

The most competitive health insurance coverage you will be able to get in California today is through Aetna and once Golden Rule plans come out by United Health Care then Golden Rule plans are going to be the most completive plan. Every time most of the large insurance company enters a new state with a new plan they make that plan more combative just to capture the percentage of that market eventually the company will have to raise their rates to the market level. Aetna plans in California are the most competitive. This is where you can get the most coverage for your money. Keep in mind that the Aetna Individual plans in the state of California do not cover Maternity.

Assurant Health Plans is provided through Fortis Insurance Company which is the 26th largest company in the world and Fortis Insurance Company has been around since 1892. Assurant Health Plans are the most widely accepted and flexible plans that are available on the market today. Assurant Health Plans utilizes dozens of provider networks Nationwide to give you the worlds largest selections of doctors in United States and worldwide. Assurant Health Plans are the only plans that will cover you world wide as they will cover you in the United States. There is a big difference when insurance company says that you are covered for emergencies worldwide. Insurance company can make a final decision on whether that was true emergency or not. Assurant Health Plans have no such restrictions. Assurant is the only company that will allow you to move to different state without going through underwriting process all over again. That meant that with most companies even if it is a same company if you move from one state to another you have to cancel you policy in the current state and re-apply in the state that you are moving to. The down side with Assurant in some states is that they are not the most competitive and harder to get approved for. If you considering HSA plan Assurant is the best options available to individuals and families.

Blue Shield of California is great coverage especially if it is young family looking for a plan with maternity coverage and for a family where one of the adults on the plans is significantly younger than the other. Blue Shield bases their monthly premiums on the youngest primary policy holder. This can be any adult in the family. Blue Shield plans have low maximum out of pocket and wide acceptance with doctors. A lot of doctors in state of California prefer Blue Shield plans because Blue Shield reimburses them faster than most other insurance companies. Keep in mind that in some states Blue Cross and Blue Shield are the same company in state of California they are two different insurance companies competing for your business.

HealthNet of California is the insurance company available in western states. HealthNet family plans are affordable, have some of the lowest maximum out of pocket and designed for healthy individuals and families. The new line of plans form HealthNet are their popular no deductible PPO plans. Which are not the greatest plans for families. No deductible plans are not designed for families since they have extremely high maximum out of pocket witch might be a great fit for single healthy individuals. HealthNet of California also offers some of the best HMO plans available on the market.
HealthNet simple design and affordable plans are perfect match for healthy families. The way their family plans work is that once you meet your deductible HealthNet will pay 100% for all of your medical expenses after that. The down side is that their family plans do not cover regular sick doctor visits. The money that you are going to save monthly is going to be way worth no having doctor visits covered until the deductible is met. All you will get is negotiated rates that HealthNet has with doctors and hospitals. Your doctor office visits are going to cost you anywhere from $65 to $65 per visit.

Nationwide Health Plans have some of the great unique options that other plans just don’t offer. The only way you can get Nationwide health plans is by being a member of California Farm Bureau. Anyone can become a member of California Farm Bureau also know as Farmers Association. Because it is a group plans it has some options available that most individual plans do not have. You still have to qualify medically to get health insurance through Nationwide. Nationwide offers some of the most comprehensive health plans available on the market today. Nationwide health plans offer low maximum out of pocket. Some plans that they offer work similar to the way HealthNet’s plans work. Once you meet your deductible nationwide covers everything at 100% and Nationwide plans cover doctor visit before you meet your deductible and Nationwide is the only health insurance company that has no prescription drug deductible on most of their plans. If you are looking for the most competitive HSA plans, Nationwide will be your choice.

PacifiCare is company that has been available to Californians for a long time until recently they were bought by United Health Care. PacificaCare will be replaced by Golden Rule health plans. If you have PacifiCare you might want to find out if you will have to re-qualify medically for new health insurance once they take the company of the market. Golden Rule owned by United Health Care witch known as the quality company and recommended everywhere. If you are considering PacifiCare I would wait for Golden Rule or get something else.