What would you must-see when entering any living room? A sofa set, isn’t it? Missing a bookshelf is manageable but a sofa- impossible. The said piece of furniture is the soul of the inviting place, which gives the room a perfect figure and charming appeal. While the furniture industry isRead More →

Do you break into a sweat every time you need to choose appropriate gifts for a corporate event or during the festive season? Relax. There are numerous options available and some awesome suppliers too. A great way to make sure that everyone comes away happy from the event is toRead More →

The last one decade has seen many reforms as far as the relocation industry In India is concerned. The number of relocation companies has increased in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengal and Pune etc. But from the last few years, some opportunistic people are trying to take advantage ofRead More →

On June second, 2014, Apple uncovered a brand – new protest arranged programming dialect: Swift, a swap for Objective-C, which had been up to that point the standard programming dialect for OS X and iOS application advancement. It was a striking move to out and out change the fundamental advancementRead More →