Quick Cash: What to Do When You’ve Got Bills to Pay, Kids to Feed & No Money

Quick Cash: What to Do When You’ve Got Bills to Pay, Kids to Feed & No Money

You may be a little short on funds this month. Bills still need to be paid and your family has to eat. Here are some ways to make money quickly to cover your expenses.

Pawn Your Items

Determine if there are items in your home that can be sold to help make ends meet. You generally make more money with big ticket items, such as jewelry and tools. Pawn shops, like C & L Gold & Diamond Brokers, hold the merchandise for a set amount of time. This will allow you a little leeway to get your finances in order and purchase those items back from the store. You can also consider selling other items like extra furniture to a consignment store. If you have clothing that you don’t need, try selling it to a used clothing store.

Hire out Your Labor

Try asking around your neighborhood to see if anyone needs help with yard work or other odd jobs around their houses. Maybe you have an elderly neighbor that could use some help with cleaning their home. Outsource your labor services to friends or family. Use any skill sets that you have to be creative in finding odd jobs that can be done quickly. Consider checking online for these odd jobs. Just be careful to only work for people that are reliable and trustworthy.

Request a Loan

Depending on the type of relationship that you have with your family, consider asking for a loan from them. Make sure to pay them back so that they don’t feel that you are taking advantage. If you have a job, maybe your employer can give you a cash advance on your paycheck. Other options would include getting cash back from your credit card or even a payday loan. Before getting a loan, check to see if they are any terms or agreements that need to be taken into consideration. This may only be a short term solution to a larger financial problem.

Scrap It

You may live in a state that has a bottle return bill. Return any bottles that you have at home. Ask your neighbors or your employer if they have bottles that can be returned as well. Consider selling your scrap metal to a recycler. Cooper and aluminum give you the best rate of return at a scrap yard. Ask around to see if anyone would like you to help clear out that old junk from their garages or yards. In states that don’t have a bottle bill, you can sell those soda cans to the metal recycling yard.

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