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Have you ever heard of miracle mineral solution? This supplement, nicknamed MMS, is a solution and protocol that when combined gives you healthy cleansing sodium chloride, a natural purifier. MMS is a low cost supplement that promotes healthy living.nnYears ago, on a mining expedition, Jim Humble found himself faced with an outbreak of malaria in his group. With little else available, far from medical care, Jim discovered he could use the water purification drops in his supplies, and through his knowledge of chemistry he formulated a combination of the diluted sodium chlorite and a food based acid to create the MMS or Miracle Mineral Supplement protocol. His team recovered quickly and completely, and since then over 75,000 have been treated successfully using this low cost treatment. nnSo what is this solution called Miracle Mineral Supplement? It starts with a 28% solution of sodium chlorite. When combined with a specific quantity of food grade activator like citric acid it produces Chlorine Dioxide, a substance that exists in the human body for detoxification and cleansing. MMS, or miracle mineral solution does not disturb the healthy body cells, they are well protected. It does target pathogens that are harmful to our bodies. nnThe MMS protocol combines two simple ingredients to produce chlorine dioxide. Those ingredients are sodium chlorite in a 28% solution, and an activator. The activator is food based, mostly citric acid, vinegar, or lemon juice. Chlorine dioxide is nothing new, its been used as one of the best water purifiers for over 70 years, and its use has been on grand scales, such as cleanup after the 2001 anthrax attacks that captivated our attention several years ago.nnFollowing the Katrina damage in 2005, Chlorine Dioxide was used to destroy the grand scale mold outbreak caused by water damage. Chlorine Dioxide is more effective in fighting mold, bacteria and fungus than chlorine. nnThe basic science of chlorine dioxide and its effectiveness is interesting at the least. For more information we recommend Jim Humbles’ book on miracle mineral supplement.nnWhether you intend to use MMS or miracle mineral supplement within your own household is your choice. Miracle Mineral supplement is certainly a simple, low cost method for producing chlorine dioxide for use in first aid,emergency water treatment, and maintaining a healthy living environment.