Healthy Recipes

We’re living in a day and age where we are constantly being bombarded by healthy eating advice, telling us what to avoid and what to eat more of and I must say, good.

Looking after your health must be one of your topmost priorities in life if you’re to avoid deficiencies and your body is to stay healthy. Many people simply assume eating healthy means abandoning your favourite foods completely and changing your diet from one you quite enjoy to one of lettuce leaves and carrots. This is a misconception and one which greatly reduces the amount of people willing to look for a healthier diet, because they simply think it’s either as I’m now, or lettuce leaves.

For people whoever are capable of preparing their own meals with bare bones ingredients, you’ve an advantage and can create some really healthy recipes of your own if you choose to. There really is not any magic to eating more healthily. In fact, if you took for instance a shepherds pie which has been store purchased as a ready meal, and prepared your own shepherds pie from bare bones ingredients, the home made one would be far healthier. This is because you’re avoiding the preservatives, artificial flavourings, artificial colourings and so forth. Not to mention that if the produce you choose for your ingredients is fresh, it will naturally contain superior nutritional values than something which has been preserved and may be days or weeks old.

The key to healthy eating is moderation. There’s absolutely no reason you should cut your favourite chocolate cake out of your diet entirely, simply eat in moderation. By far the ideal way of making your diet more healthy however is to start creating your own healthy recipes. So mainly in pre-packaged meals low quality produce is used, particularly in the case of meat where the lowest quality cuts are used and in which fat is sometimes in too good a quantity. When purchasing your own meat for your own healthy recipes it is important you choose the highest quality and freshest meat available, and trim as much fat off the meat as possible.

When baking try using wholemeal flower instead of white flower, and sunflower, vegetable or olive oil instead of lard. Margarine instead of butter will also make your recipes healthier. And last but not least, try to keep sugar usage to a minimal. There are many other healthier alternatives to sugar now on the market, and using one of these sweeteners will also be a much healthier option to sugar.