Comparison Between Sage 50 Hosting And Quickbooks Hosting

Comparison Between Sage 50 Hosting And Quickbooks Hosting

A strong accounting framework is very much necessary for every business type and model. That’s why the lengthy traditional method of accounting has now been replaced by fully functional accounting software which has revolutionized the whole world of financial management. With the advancement in technology and increasing demand, the accounting software has also moved from the local desktop to cloud and now there is various accounting software which is well-equipped with a wide variety of functionalities which covers almost all the accounting needs of different types of businesses.

Sage 50 or Peachtree by Sage and QuickBooks by Intuit are two most recognized and useful accounting apps. Both the software can be easily hosted on the cloud, but they offer different advantages and benefits, for example, QuickBooks hosting is considered very user-friendly and can be easily used by even non-accounting people also while Sage 50 offers unique features like setup advisor and sage advisor.

Both the products satisfy different accounting needs, that’s why choosing the best from two of them will not be feasible. So, in this article, we will only go through a detailed comparison between both the products, so that you can decide for yourself that which one is better for you.

Different features of Sage 50 & QuickBooks

All versions of QuickBooks talk about an easy invoicing system which is called as collection centers. If we talk about QuickBooks Premier, then it has the function of tracking data from different departments and locations of funds. It also gives the facility of batch invoicing which helps the creation of single invoice and can be applied to everyone in a group.

QuickBooks hosting keeps upgrading its security and offerings which allows the user to maintain pace with the latest trends in software and technology. All the versions of QuickBooks hosting can be used in conjunction with web-based email accounts.

On the other side, Sage 50 hosting is very useful for specific and small business task and it also gives the facility of the customizable toolset. All the versions of Sage accounting software can manage complicated inventory concerns, workflow analysis, vendor reports and volume pricing.

It also helps you to regularly check cash flow through preset alerts, which sends an email notification when the accounts balance crosses a preset limit or the inventory amount gets low. One of the most useful features of Sage 50 is that it offers internal accounting review, which helps you to check common accounting mistakes of your data.

If we talk about the functionality of both the software then QuickBooks creates invoice efficiently, simplifies billing and invoice, allows app integration and gives preconfigured and customizable reporting while Sage 50 consolidates finances, provides business intelligence reporting and security controls.

Both Sage 50 hosting and QuickBooks hosting are fully functional accounting software which can amplify your financial management but when it comes to choosing the best one, then it all depends on your business type, need and goal.

So go through the above-mentioned features of Sage 50 hosting and QuickBooks hosting, so that you can choose the right accounting software for your business.

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