Evolving Through the Years LED Augurs a Brighter Tomorrow

Evolving Through the Years LED Augurs a Brighter Tomorrow

It took almost 150 years to device a mechanism for efficient utilization of energy as a source of illumination. This manifestation was in the form of LED.

Concepts Shaping over the Years

Over the period of time, inventors came up with incandescent light bulbs, bringing about a massive transition in the way we live. Although, it served our purpose, we blamed its incompetency due to high emission of extreme heat and consumption of electricity, burning a hole in our pocket.

In the lieu of an effective replacement, CFLs stormed the market, consuming much less energy to light up our world. Sooner, the need was felt to create an alternative that would use substance less toxic than mercury being used in CFLs. The next generation option evolved as LED.

Functional Competency

Available in myriad forms- bulbs, tubes, multihued LED spotlight bulbs and in a variety of decorative pieces, LED has proved to be the best means to spark up festivities. Owing to its competitive efficiencies like durability, longevity and inherent ability to conserve energy, they have been labeled as cost effective. Using 1/6 of electricity in comparison to incandescent light bulbs, 85% of regular investment on energy can be adequately saved.

Drastically cutting down on CO2 released in the heating up process of incandescent light bulbs, LED is termed as eco friendly and a potential greener alternative to light up our homes. Scientific evidences highly speak of the strong focus of LED, making it the best choice for lighting up landscape.

Then, Now and the Day After

The beginning was humble. Being used as blue blinks in high end appliances, equipments and gadgets; it earned sufficient goodwill, compelling the development of white light emitting LED to be put into large scale use across the globe. LED lights made a noteworthy difference in the lives of millions of people beyond the coverage of electricity, by providing cheaper alternatives in the form of solar lights. Thus, it proved to be a boon for human being residing in the remotest belts, in the absence of an electric grid like Sub Saharan Africa.

The futuristic scope for further advancement is brighter, with the evolution of Internet of Things. The adaptability of LED will increasingly be utilized to operate according to the whims and fancies of space owners, like LED spotlight bulbs, droplights or strings lights will be functioning according to vibrations, sound and gestures.

Considering the windfall returns of such a path breaking innovation, the three men behind the innovation were felicitated with Nobel Prize in 2014.

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