Cushion arrangement on a three seater sofa

Cushion arrangement on a three seater sofa

What would you must-see when entering any living room? A sofa set, isn’t it? Missing a bookshelf is manageable but a sofa- impossible. The said piece of furniture is the soul of the inviting place, which gives the room a perfect figure and charming appeal. While the furniture industry is swamped into a plethora of modern and opulent furnishing stuff, grounded even today are the three-seater sofa sets. People often see a 3 seater sofa in homes. It is included in the conventional seating paradigm.

This article illustrates the many ways of arranging cushions on a three seater sofa. Every sofa needs a different sort of organisation with cushions and pillows. While there’s no right or wrong way to do that, some easy-peasy combinations can make the couch look more presentable. Spotlighted next are eight possible cushion arrangements that’ll work well with the sofa three seater. We will proceed with a minimum of two cushions and go ahead working on lots of them.

1.One cushion at the corners: Starting with the simplest of arrangement, this style is for the less-cushiony people who don’t believe more looks good. Just place one cushion on both the corners and you’re done. Although, do remember that your couch seat and the cover of the cushions make a contrasting appeal. Choose different texture or colour for the cushion covers when you have a plain sofa.

2.Two cushions at the corners: Just add a bit of change in the first arrangement. Place one more cushion on each corner of the sofa. However, to make the transformation visible, add the new ones with either the same size or slightly bigger. Also, different colour and style pattern for the newly-added cushy babies.

3.Add a feature cushion at the centre: With the classic two cushions on each side, you can also add a feature cushion at the centre of the large 3 seater sofa. This just-arrived piece can be of a small size, have any different texture or shape. Just mind in the gaps between them as they should not look all packed.

4.Offset the above arrangement: Offsetting means you can either merge the feature cushion with the left side ones or the right ones. The motive of this arrangement is to impart an asymmetrical look to the sofa.

5.One behind the feature cushion: As you can see, we are enhancing the number of cushions in each step, we’ll do the same here as well. This organisation is one step forward to what we did in the 3rd arrangement. We had two cushions per side, and one at the centre referred as the feature cushion. Add a cushion behind the latter if you find the back of it a little sparse. This cushion will be supporting the feature and fill the space elegantly.

6.A linear arrangement: Sometimes, more is more. Cushions can transform the look of the couch entirely. Think about a linear arrangement covering the whole sofa. It looks nice when you don’t leave minute spaces in between and pack the back completely. Either place same pattern cushions or hit different styles, it’s your call.

7.A cushion row across the back of front feature cushions: Still not satiated with the swamp of cushions? Try adding a row of cushions behind some feature cushions. Create a voluminous look by placing bigger cushions behind and smaller ones in front of them. If you feel jam-packed, just scroll up and read point 1.

Conclusion : The name- three seater sofa is more than enough to play with cushions. While these are some of the ways to arrange the cushions, one can try his own style and make it a statement. Therefore, start planning to buy some new textured and colourful cushions for your three seater sofa now. Play around with them and find the right combination.

Summary : From no-cushiony to go-cushiony, these ideas will help every genre of buyers to decorate the three seater sofa smartly. Give your living room a revamped look with cushions and get accolades for the elegant setting from your visitors.

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