9 Types of modern and stylish dining chairs for the beautiful dining room

9 Types of modern and stylish dining chairs for the beautiful dining room

Sitting down to have an appetizing meal in the dining room requires comfortable and stylish dining chairs. They are the furniture units which not only provide convenient seating space but also enhances the decor of the space with their design and style. Dining chairs online are the units which set the tone of the room. But buying the dining chairs is often a task people considered less essential and pay no attention to its perfection. Basic knowledge about the size, style and designs is a must. So learn about the different types of dining chairs and create a mix and match look in the space.

1. Armchairs: Usually help in creating the depth and character to the dining space, arm dining chairs are the units which create a more formal look in the house. They are the units which are available in varieties of forms and materials like wooden chairs with ladder back, fully upholstered chairs etc. Armchairs online can be mismatched to have an eclectic look in the house.

2. Side Chairs: Side dining chairs are the dinner time staples, and they sit along the side of the tables. They are the pieces which can occupy the ends too but place them on the sides to have a more organised and enchanting look. Side chairs online are available in varieties of designs and materials ranging from fully upholstered to wooden, casual to formal and lots more.

3. Parsons chairs: Parsons dining chairs are the old style chairs having clean, simple lines combined with fully upholstered seats. They are the units which perfectly fits into the traditional, contemporary and rustic style decor in the dining room and provides the required comfort and functions. The upholstered seats of this chair can be made from leather, fabric , linen or patterned which make it a best option to decorate the space amazingly.

4. Wingback Chairs: This type of dining chairs online are the royal style chairs and can be placed at the head of the dining table to provide a classy and welcoming look. Wingback dining chairs have wings on both sides of the backrest that extends down to the seat to create a distinctive look and are usually upholstered. So while choosing make sure you go for the fabric that works well in your space.

5. Slat Back chairs: Slat back chairs are usually the wooden dining chairs having the evenly spaced slats at the back which are vertically arranged. This type of chairs are long and lean and are available in varieties of style like modern, traditional, transitional etc.

6. Queen Anne Chairs: Queen Anne dining chairs are also known as late baroque chairs. They are the units which usually have cabriole legs, cushioned seats and carved details and works well in traditional style dining area. They got their name from the furniture style developed during the 18th-century reign.

7. Ladderback Chairs: As the name suggest, ladder back dining chairs features evenly spaced horizontal slats at the back and are lightweight. They are the units which can be paired with any traditional or transitional style furniture.

8. Windsor Chair: Windsor chairs are the modern style dining chairs having half- circle backs with vertical rods or slats. They are the seating furniture units which can be hooped back and are available in a variety of materials like wood, plastic, metal etc.

Decorating the dining area with the same style or a different type of dining chairs will amplify the look of the space and will also provide an extra seating space when there are a lot of guest in the house. Dining chairs of suitable material, shape and size will prove best for any home decor as they come with all features and functionality that one wishes to have in the dining space.

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