Doing Business In China – How To Start?

Doing Business In China – How To Start?

China has now grown to be the second largest economy in the world, and more and more American companies are doing business with Chinese. A business culture that differs a lot from ours can be a serious challenge. In this article, therefore, we give you a brief introduction of what to consider when bringing a business visit to China.

Business Contacts
Business in China begins to build a personal relationship. Offering a meal at the first meeting with a future Chinese business partner can be a step in the right direction. It is advisable not to interfere with controversial subjects such as Tibet during these types of occasions. Chinese would rather talk about it.

Handshaking is a widely accepted greeting. After greeting, direct business cards are exchanged. Offer the cards with two hands. Please study the tickets before storing them. Unless a business card sticks in your pocket is experienced as inappropriate. American businessmen are good at translating their tickets into Chinese. A two-sided printed ticket, one side in English, the other one in Chinese, is a good solution.

During meetings, the hierarchy within a Chinese organization is clearly reflected again. For example, it is important for Chinese to be the one who is in a position to advise the Chinese party. Also prepare for long, boring speeches that help you avoid face loss but can not interrupt better. Furthermore, it is the more important, older members of the group who have the word. Younger employees keep quiet or give applause. Your trainee to interrupt the leader of the Chinese counterpart with even a well-asked question is out of the question!

Because the Chinese do not want you to suffer from a loss of vision, he rather tells politicians what you want to hear than telling the naked truth. Otherwise, you will not like a facial loss. For example, if someone says that something does not matter to him or her, it may mean that he first wants a conversation with his superiors.

Introductions and business cards
During the introductions, business cards are often exchanged. If you want to show respect, take business cards then with both hands and look carefully. Your own business card, which is preferably translated on one side in Chinese, reaches both hands.

Clothing and promotional gifts
If you want to be taken seriously as a business party in China, play it safe and get formal dressed. Is it very hot and you visit a factory? Then it’s no problem to wear anything airier but still wearing neat clothes. Casual wear and shorts can be avoided better.

In major business agreements, China is always exchanging business gifts. Many American companies see this as a difficult point, but finding a suitable gift is surprisingly simple.

Do you have a Project in China?
If you’re ready to introduce your brand in China then do complete your homework and collect all detailed information about the industry. For example, if you want to sell your healthcare products in China, then, know Healthcare market in China first. There are some marketing agencies where experts can help you expand your business to China through many different ways. Thir experts not only give you better advice but also provide you a step by step guide to promote your brand.

The American Embassy provides many useful tips for American entrepreneurs wanting to do business in China. Some of these are:

Prepare yourself well
Before you take the step of taking in China, good preparation is of great importance. In addition, knowledge of the country, culture, and the economic and political climate is indispensable.

  • Read about China and business in China.
  • Talk to entrepreneurs who have experience in China.
  • Visit China, on your own or by participating in trade trips and delegations .
  • Visit a trade fair in your field.

Please advise

  • When you take the step to China, please advise. Make use of the knowledge and services of agencies, industry organizations and governments.
  • Make use of the various services for entrepreneurs such as finding business partners.
  • Approach the network of government posts in China, for services and services for American entrepreneurs.
  • Make sure you arrive in China for your own reliable interpreters / translators.

Know the business etiquette

  • Before you go to China, do you get into the culture of business. What you should do and what’s not right.
  • In China, the first name is first used than the first name. Talk to the people with their family name, not the first name.
  • Entertainment forms part of the Chinese business culture. Prepare for long table, drink and karaoke singing. Avoid business topics.
  • The proposal to share in restaurant costs is in China taboo. The inviting party orders the food and also pays the bill.

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