Commodity market is very huge and commodities are traded worldwide. Many traders trade in commodities and earn well. Whereas, maximum number of traders face loss. Investment in commodities is considered as a risky mode of investment. To minimize the chances of risk traders started taking commodity tips from the bestRead More →

Selenium is a standout amongst the most generally utilized open source computerized testing suite for web applications. It can be utilized crosswise over numerous programs and stages, and undertakings no matter how you look at it utilize the Selenium testing device as a component of their QA procedure. Selenium 2:Read More →

A CFD (Contract for Difference) is a financial instrument which represents the activity of an asset. The investment mirrored commonly tends to be an underlying exchange-traded budgetary market, i.e. a reveal on the stock exchange, or a.asset on a stocks exchange.A CFD is an agreement between sharers to exchange theRead More →

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Dividend indicates a part of company’s profit which is distributed among all its shareholders.The amount which has to be distributed is decided by board members of a company. Dividend is one important way through which companies communicates about its financial health to its shareholders. Through this distribution from profit ,Read More →

In Keyword driven testing, each keyword thinks about to an individual testing action like a mouse click, decision of a menu thing, keystrokes, opening or closing a window or distinctive exercises. A keyword driven test is a progression of operations, in a catchphrase organizes, that copy customer exercises on theRead More →

Every company is striving to get hold of better clientele through different sources. The competition has got higher with the rise of the online industry where people have many products and services to choose from. Social media is good way to get people’s attention that is widely used by theRead More →