Over a third of workers believe they waste 1-2 hours a day on their workplace, as shown in a Gallup poll taken in 2007. That makes up to 10 hours per week on average. These figures could make any business owner think about a career change. Luckily, there is aRead More →

Selenium is a suite of instruments to robotize web programs crosswise over numerous stages. It is an open source structure that can keep running in numerous programs and working frameworks. Selenium is the center innovation in various program computerization apparatuses, APIs and systems. Selenium testing has turned into a well-knownRead More →

There is two primary index in the market sensex and nifty that indicate market movement regularly, on the basis of that index most of the investors take their decision regarding their investment. Many people often confused about both the terms, to clear this confusion a trader can refer suggestions ofRead More →