Credit card processing appears like it ought to be so basic. You ring up a sale, your customer swipes or dips a credit card into the card reader and cash is magically transferred from the card to your business bank account. However, the magical part of the process where theRead More →

Mixing and mingling finances can be quite challenging especially when one spouse could use some help getting on the right track. In fact, according to a recent survey from Experian Consumer Services, credit scores were reported as a source of stress for 21 percent of married participants. However, couples whoRead More →

Gold Loan is a secured loan that helps individuals in improving their credit score progressively. Since this loan is procured in exchange for gold ornaments, coins, etc. it is seen more useful in getting a good credit score. Not long ago, just a few couple of years back, procuring goldRead More →

It’s a simple question: Does paying bills late really hurt your credit? The answer, however, is a little more complicated. Which bills? When banks look at your credit history to decide whether to loan you money, they’re looking to see how well you handle the credit you already have. ARead More →

Online payment processing is becoming essential for small businesses. More consumers rely on debit and credit cards to make purchases in stores and online, and a few customers have changed almost entirely to making payments with credit cards, carrying around little cash on a regular basis. Keeping up with merchantRead More →

Due to the recent economic crisis and problems in the real estate market, many people are suffering from bad credit. The loss of employment, default on debt payments, etc. have badly affected the credit of many people. However, the market situation is improving, and this is high time that youRead More →