Recently I worked with a wonderful young man from Qatar by means of Skype. When I first started working with him, his voice was soft-spoken and he did not exude much confidence. After a few sessions, I showed him a video clip from Superman which really opened his eyes –Read More →

There is no impeccable world. Each approach, HTML5, HTML5 bundled (icenium, PhoneGap), Xamarin, Native have their focal points and weaknesses. It is up to every company to choose the level of value and control they want, versus the cash and time, they will spend towards it. Xamarin: Native no bamboozlingRead More →

In the era of digitization Magento and WordPress has emerged as most famous platforms for constructing thriving online webstores. One of the most frequently asked question around the globe is which is the better platform between Magento and WordPress? Comparing Magento with WordPress is like comparing apple to oranges becauseRead More →

In light of AFMS utilize, the state dispensed with fuel card utilize and the need to supplant lost, stolen, or harmed cards, and additionally screen abuse. Exchange mechanization with the new framework expanded the unwavering quality of the general information stream and diminished database exemption administration. Persistent vehicle rental softwareRead More →