PNR Status – Check PNR Status of IRCTC and Railway Ticket

PNR Status – Check PNR Status of IRCTC and Railway Ticket

To reach most of these heritage places that are not connected by air, railways is the best option. It is faster and more convenient than going by roads. Trains are still much safer and comfortable than roadways. But for a novice for a foreigner, it is important to keep in mind a few do’s and don’ts while travelling by train, so as to reduce inconvenience and insecurity!

The Do’s

Keep the ticket with you, always!

Make sure you have the ticket in your pocket all the time. Even if you are going to the toilet, make sure you carry it with you.

Know latest status

Before boarding the train, one must make sure to have the latest information about the arrival and departure time. One must also make a mandatory PNR status check at the counter or online in order to know the status of the reservation. Make sure to have downloaded it so that one is sure about the time of arrival of the train at the station. Then, one can be able to relax a bit more at the hotel or waiting room if the train is late. Otherwise, one is forced to reach the station on time and then wait on uncomfortably for hours!

Keep a check of the PNR status

It is easier as well as convenient to check the online train running status. Surely check that if the ticket is on waiting list or RAC. And make sure to carry a ready reference of the status saved on your phone once it gets confirmed to avoid inconvenience inside the train. Many a time one will not get an internet network amidst a forest when the TTE comes in to check! So be ready and smart with the basic requirements, rather than leaving anything on chance.

Carry medicines

Make sure to carry some basic medicines like those for headache, allergy, cough and cold or indigestion. The railway is still not smart enough to avail fast first aid when on board.

The Don’ts

Do not depend on a stranger

A stranger fellow passenger may be very nice to you, but never start believing him/her fully! Just make sure your luggage is well locked, and even you have forgotten where you kept the keys! But for sure, keep the keys with you only, even if you are off to the toilet!

Prefer not to experiment with food

Just say ‘No’ to somebody offering a sweet or a chocolate. It may sound rude, but make it as polite as it might get, with a certain bit of a fake excuse too! But just do that and nothing else! Also, do not try out the not so safe foods that vendors come selling; they may get a headache or a stomach upset for you that can be hard to deal with inside the train.

Lock the luggage

No matter how short your trip may be, make sure to lock the luggage to the seat with the help of chains and a good quality of lock. Don’t take a chance at this, and even make sure your handy luggage like purse and mobile phones are carried in a single pouch so that they are not scattered around and easy to carry.

Take a note of smaller articles

Make sure not to keep the purse, the wrist watch or the mobile loosely anywhere, even for a second! You are never sure who is watching you and is awaiting a superb chance to gain!

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