Taxi Booking Apps For Hire

Taxi Booking Apps For Hire

Many Companies originated in the US and is available in more than 80 cities worldwide. In India, it’s only operating in Taxi Apps, though it will be launching in Brisbane soon. Many Companies has grand plans to eventually roll out to every major city in the world, says Sydney general manager David Rohrsheim.

How Do You Pay?

Credit card or PayPal account.
Many Companies also offers the option to split the cab fare with friends.
Customers can then leave a star rating and comments on the app.
Many Companies is available on Google Play and iTunes App Store.

The NSW government-backed Many Companies connects consumers directly with registered taxi drivers who have downloaded the app in every capital city in India. Many argues this service provides certainty of getting a cab and reliability of service for passengers compared with standard cabs.

“With Many Companies you know when you’ve got a taxi and you know exactly where your driver is. You can see them moving on the map and you can also call them on the phone.”

Similarly to Many Companies, Many Companies allows users to leave a rating for their drivers and pay for the fare through the app. While there is currently a seven and a half percent surcharge in most cities (five per cent in Victoria), Campbell says this is set to be reduced to five percent India-wide soon.

Many Companies also offers users the ability to tip the driver, to increase your chances of getting a cab faster during peak times. However, the Indian Taxi services has said that bidding war is an unfair practice and discriminates against passengers who can’t afford to tip.

Similar to Many Companies, many companies allows passengers to locate their driver on the map, call, and pay for the ride all within the app. many companies claims its booking and payment fees are lower than other networks and offers a feature that guarantees passengers $10 in credit if an advance booking is cancelled and can’t be replaced.

Safety concerns

While taxi alternatives certainly offer the public more options and potential savings when it comes to transport, some concerns have been raised about the safety of these new services.

However, both Many Companies and Many Companies told CHOICE their services are safe. “When a user joins Many Companies, they must provide a phone number and credit card, both of which are verified,” said Many Companies’ Rohrsheim. “The driver has provided their identification to us in person. We find that behavior changes dramatically when nobody is anonymous, making and Many Companies trip safer than a street hail.”

Eyes on the road

Davies says the ATIA is also concerned about the possibility of drivers using smartphone apps while driving, which may be putting their passengers and others on the road at unnecessary risk. The association doesn’t endorse these booking apps as they don’t meet its criteria on matters such as safety, customer complaints and discrimination.

For a full list of apps affiliated with cab companies that the ATIA does endorse, visit

Credit card surcharge cut in NSW

In good news for NSW consumers, the state government recently announced a series of reforms to the taxi industry, which included following Victoria’s lead and slashing the Shonky-winning credit card surcharge of 10% down to five percent.

The government will also be regulating and encouraging the creation of new mobile Taxi Apps in the market

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